“Natural wine” might sound like something that’d be exclusively paired with sous-vide ostrich liver, but all it means is nothing’s added in the wine-making process. Essentially, it's just extra fun Grape Juice.
Essentially, it’s just extra fun Grape Juice.
how we started
Grape Juice started as a small natural wine shop located in Anchored Ship Coffee Bar on Ballard Ave.
Along with you, we fell in love with the winemakers bringing so many fresh and interesting bottles to our table and in the end had to give our wine business the same love and care we've approached Anchored Ship with all these years. So we evolved to a friendly, natural wine loving, subscription service run by the same familiar faces providing your morning coffee.
We are here to introduce you to wines you'll love whether you're sharing a dinner with friends or laying on the couch with cold pizza and bad TV. Cheers to you from us!